Featured Spa - October 2006:
Marquis Spas
We review the Marquis Epic this month

Company Profile:

Producing spas from its Oregon location for over 25 years, Marquis is recognised by the industry as one of the fastest growing and innovative spa and hot tub manufacturers in the world, tripling its sales over the last few years.

Marquis is focused on offering creative and innovative designs that provide the ultimate soaking experience, cost less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance. Marquis spas are designed with cutting-edge features for your supreme comfort and long-lasting enjoyment. They are proud to craft a spa designed to be just what you need.

Marquis spas are imported and distributed exclusively in the UK by Golden Coast, an independently owned and operated family business with 30 years experience in the wet leisure industry.

For further information visit www.marquis-spas.com or call 01271 378100 for details of your nearest retail showroom.


External Dimensions

229 x 229 x 90cm

No. of Seats

6 - 7 Adults

Lounge Seat


Dry Weight

386 Kg

Filled weight

2,088 Kg

Water Capacity

1,703 litres

Circulation Pump



Titanium coil 1.5kW

Pump 1

2 HP Continuous (605 lpm)

Pump 2

2 HP Continuous (605 lpm)

Pump 3


Air Blower


Total Air Jets


Air Aromatherapy


Total Hydrojets


No. of Hydrojet types


Control Panels

1 + IR Floating Remote Control

Flow Controls


Air Controls



2 x 50 sq ft Remay filter

Water Treatment

Solid State UV Ozonator, Frog mineral purification & bromine cartridges


LED spa light


Moulded into spa shell


DuraWood synthetic 3 colours

Cover Colours


Shell Construction


Shell Colours



Full foam filled + low e-wrap

Sanitiser Dispenser


Multimedia Options

Connectivity with home audio system. Waterproof sonar remote control



Electrical Requirements

17 or 31A Supply


Parts & labour minimum 3 years

Design & Aesthetics



Water Quality



Running Costs



Comfort & Hydrotherapy



Wow factor/Options



Ease of maintenance



Warranty Cover



Build Quality



Overall Verdict






Marquis Spas are one of a handful of dominant manufacturers in the US and have teamed up with market leading wet leisure distributor Golden Coast in the UK.  The Epic is the new flagship model in the Marquis range and boasts all the features and mod cons that Marquis have to offer.

The Marquis ethos focuses on what is important to spa owners; good build quality, low running costs, ease of maintenance, hydrotherapy and comfort…and frankly it shows in the product, particularly in the top of the line models such as the Epic.

The Epic boasts a whole host of unique features such as the Tri-Zone hydrotherapy system, which enables bathers to directly target specific areas of the body for a customisable massage experience.  We particularly liked the massage pillars and the Adirondack lounge seat.  Since different seats massage different areas of the body, as you move from seat to seat the overall massage experience is second to none once you have visited every area of the spa.

For those looking beyond hydrotherapy, the Epic is versatile and offers a good variety of seating levels for all members of the family and boasts an oversized footwell which will guarantee ample space for 6 people.

The floating waterproof IR remote control makes the spa extremely easy to operate from any seat and the Dolphin universal remote is available as an option with sonar connectivity to your home audio system via multiple transducers for spa and music lovers.

The Epic comes packed as standard with ozone, mineral purification and bromine dispensers built in, which when combined with the automatic clean up cycles which kick in directly after bather sessions should make for an extremely easy spa to maintain.

The waterfall is pleasing to the senses and the also provides a handy spot to put those all important beverages (non-alchoholic of course!)

In terms of energy efficiency the insulation on the Epic is the best we’ve seen so far so should make for low energy consumption and help to maintain nice hot water in the depths of winter.  As well as led spa lights as standard, the Marquis range also comes with an exterior entryway light which lights up the spa steps and ensures a sure-footed entry and exit after dark.

The cabinet is synthetic and therefore maintenance free and with 7 shell colours and 3 different cabinet and cover colours to choose from there will inevitably be a colour to suit all tastes.

Our Verdict:

There is no doubt that the build quality on the Marquis range is up there with the best of them.  The Epic lives up to its reputation as a spacious, well designed family spa with the emphasis obviously placed on comfort and hydrotherapy.  Whilst the variety of jet types is not as extensive as we have seen on other spas, the massage offered does not suffer as a result and once you have moved around all the seats the full body massage is excellent.  The topside controls do need a bit of working out but once you are familiar with them the bather can really customise their massage experience.  Definitely should make it onto your wet test list if you are in the market for a full spec, prestige spa.

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